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Name Category Address
153 Enterprises Inc Restaurants 2201 N Sheffield Ave
Ace Bar Restaurants 1505 W Fullerton Ave
Adobo Grill Restaurants 1610 N Wells St
Adobo Grill Restaurants 1732 N Halsted St # 1
Aladdin's Eatery Restaurants 614 W Diversey Pkwy
Alinea Restaurants 1723 N Halsted St
Allende Restaurant Restaurants 2408 N Lincoln Ave
Aloha Grill Restaurants 2534 N Clark St
America's Dog Restaurants 2300 N Lincoln Ave
Angela's Burrito Style Restaurants 2556 N Clark St
Aquitaine Restaurants 2221 N Lincoln Ave # 1
Argo Tea Restaurants 2485 N Clark St
Argo Tea Cafe Restaurants 958 W Armitage Ave
Athenian Room Restaurants 807 W Webster Ave
Atolito Mexican Kitchen Restaurants 2436 N Lincoln Ave
Baba Pita Restaurants 2233 N Lincoln Ave
Bacino's Of Lincoln Park Restaurants 2204 N Lincoln Ave
Basil Leaf Cafe Restaurants 2465 N Clark St
Berry Moon Restaurants 2618 N Clark St
Big Stuff Restaurants 2312 N Lincoln Ave
Birds Nest Restaurants 2500 N Southport Ave
Bivona Ristorante Restaurants 2506 N Clybourn Ave
Boka Restaurants 1729 N Halsted St # 1
Boston Blackies Restaurants 1962 N Halsted St
Bourgeois Pig Cafe Restaurants 738 W Fullerton Ave
Branko's Submarines Restaurants 1118 W Fullerton Ave
Bricks Chicago Restaurants 1909 N Lincoln Ave
Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar Restaurants 2464 N Lincoln Ave
Burger King Restaurants 1401 W Fullerton Ave
Burger King Restaurants 621 W Diversey Pkwy
Cafe Bernard Restaurants 2100 N Halsted St # 3r
Caminito Argentinian Grill Restaurants 1629 N Halsted St
Carmines Clam House Inc Restaurants 1419 W Diversey Pkwy
Castaways Restaurants 1603 N Lake Shore Dr
Charlie Trotters Restaurants 816 W Armitage Ave
Charlies Ale House-Lincoln Restaurants 1224 W Webster Ave # 1
Chicago Bagel Authority Restaurants 953 W Armitage Ave
Chicago Restaurant Restaurants 954 W Willow St
Chicago Restaurant & Entrtn Restaurants 954 W Willow St
Chicago's Dog House Restaurants 816 W Fullerton Ave
Chipmunks Restaurants 438 W Diversey Pkwy # 1
Chipotle Mexican Grill Restaurants 610 W Diversey Pkwy
Chipotle Mexican Grill Restaurants 2000 N Clybourn Ave
Chipotle Mexican Grill Restaurants 2256 N Orchard St
Citygrounds Restaurants 507 W Dickens Ave
Clarke's Bar & Grille Restaurants 2445 N Lincoln Ave
Clarke's Diner Restaurants 2441 N Lincoln Ave
Corcoran's Grill Restaurants 1615 N Wells St # 1
Cosi Restaurants 2200 N Clark St
Counter Restaurants 666 W Diversey Pkwy
Cousin's Cafe Restaurants Broadway St
Crossing Restaurants 2548 N Southport Ave
Da Vinci Restaurants 1732 N Halsted St
Dawali Mediterranean Kitchen Restaurants 1625 N Halsted St
Dee's Mandarin Restaurant Restaurants 1114 W Armitage Ave
Del Seoul Restaurants 2568 N Clark St
Deli Boutique Restaurants 2318 N Clark St
Derek's Dogs & Deli Llc Restaurants 711 W Armitage Ave
Devil Dawgs Restaurants 2147 N Sheffield Ave
Dining Chicago Restaurants 954 W Willow St
Diversey Yacht Club Food Svc Restaurants 2601 N Cannon Dr
Doc Wine Bar Restaurants 2602 N Clark St
Don Juan's On Halsted Restaurants 1729 N Halsted St
Duck Walk Restaurants 1217 W Fullerton Ave
Dukes Chicago Bar & Grill Restaurants 2616 N Clark St
Dunlay's On Clark Restaurants 2600 N Clark St
Edo Sushi Restaurants 2407 N Clark St
Edward Andrew Inc Restaurants 346 W Armitage Ave
El Presidente Restaurant Restaurants 2558 N Ashland Ave
El's Kitchen Restaurants 1450 W Webster Ave
Etno Village Grill Restaurants 2580 N Lincoln Ave
Fattoush Restaurant Restaurants 2652 N Halsted St # 1
Fiesta Mexicana Restaurants 2421 N Lincoln Ave
Filippo's Ristorante Restaurants 2211 N Clybourn Ave
Finn's Stone Wall Grill Restaurants 2273 N Lincoln Ave
Firkin & Pheasant Restaurants 670 W Diversey Pkwy
Five Guys Burgers & Fries Restaurants 2140 N Clybourn Ave
Five Guys Burgers & Fries Restaurants 2368 N Clark St
Fogo 2 Go Restaurants 926 W Diversey Pkwy
Forno Diablo Restaurants 433 W Diversey Pkwy
Four Farthings Tavern & Grill Restaurants 2060 N Cleveland Ave
Frances Restaurant & Deli Restaurants 2552 N Clark St
Franks 'n' Dawgs Restaurants 1863 N Clybourn Ave
Fullerton Avenue Beach Cafe Restaurants 2400 N Lake Shore Dr
Galway Arms Restaurants 2442 N Clark St
Game Keepers Restaurants 345 W Armitage Ave
Geja's Cafe Restaurants 340 W Armitage Ave
Gemini Bistro Restaurants 2075 N Lincoln Ave
Glow Restaurants 1615 N Clybourn Ave
Golden Nugget Family Rstrnt Restaurants 2770 N Clark St
Golden Nugget Pancake House Restaurants 2720 N Clark St
Goose Island Brew Pub Restaurants 1800 N Clybourn Ave
Grand Central Restaurants 950 W Wrightwood Ave
Green Dolphin St Restaurants 2200 N Ashland Ave
Green Tea Japanese Restaurant Restaurants 2206 N Clark St
Grove Restaurant Restaurants 501 W Diversey Pkwy
Hai Yen Restaurant Restaurants 2723 N Clark St
Half Shell Restaurant Restaurants 676 W Diversey Pkwy
Hamburg Restaurants 1971 N Lincoln Ave
Hanabi Japanese Restaurant Restaurants 806 W Webster Ave
Hema's Kitchen Restaurants 2411 N Clark St
Hotdogeria Restaurants 711 W Armitage Ave
House Of Hunan Inc Restaurants 444 W Fullerton Pkwy # 2
House Of Wing Restaurants 2447 N Clark St
Icosium Kafe Ltd Restaurants 2433 N Clark St
Indian Grill Restaurants 2258 N Clark St # 1
Itto Sushi Restaurants 2616 N Halsted St
J Alexander's Restaurants Restaurants 1832 N Clybourn Ave
Ja'grill Restaurants 1008 W Armitage Ave # 4
Jade East Restaurant Restaurants 2511 N Lincoln Ave
Jaimito's Burritos Inc Restaurants 1781 N Clybourn Ave
Jekl Gourmet Sandwiches Restaurants 2510 N Clark St
Jewell Restaurants 1910 N Clybourn Ave
Jia's Restaurant Restaurants 2545 N Halsted St
Jimmy John's Restaurants 2231 N Lincoln Ave
Jimmy John's Restaurants 2206 N Clybourn Ave
John Barley Corn Restaurants 658 W Belden Ave
John's Place Restaurants 1202 W Webster Ave
Kabuki Japanese Restaurant Ii Restaurants 2473 N Clark St
Karavites Restaurant Restaurants 2300 N Childrens Plz
Karyn's Fresh Corner Restaurants 1901 N Halsted St
Kelsey's Bar Restaurants 2265 N Lincoln Ave
Kendall's Restaurants 2263 N Lincoln Ave
Kfc Restaurants 748 W Diversey Pkwy
Kim & Scott's Cafe Twist Restaurants 2218 N Lincoln Ave
King Crab Tavern & Seafood Restaurants 1816 N Halsted St
Kith & Kin Restaurants 1119 W Webster Ave
Kookaburra Play Cafe Restaurants 2265 N Clybourn Ave
Kyoto Sushi Restaurant Restaurants 2534 N Lincoln Ave
L2o Restaurant Restaurants 2300 N Lincoln Park W
La Bamba Restaurants 2557 N Halsted St
Lalo's Restaurant Restaurants 1960 N Clybourn Ave
Lalos Restaurant Clybounr Restaurants 1960 N Clybourn Ave
Landmark Grill Restaurants 1633 N Halsted St # 1
Las Fuentes Restaurant Restaurants 2558 N Halsted St
Let Us Be Salad Bar Restaurants 2468 N Clark St
Lettuce Mix Restaurants 2470 N Clark St
Lincoln Park's Noodle House Restaurants 2428 N Ashland Ave
Lincoln Perk Restaurants 612 W Wrightwood Ave
Lincoln Station Restaurants 2432 N Lincoln Ave # 1
Lito's Empanadas Restaurants 2566 N Clark St
Little Beans Cafe Restaurants 1809 W Webster Ave
Local Option Restaurants 1102 W Webster Ave # 1
M M S G Llc Restaurants 954 W Diversey Pkwy
Macku Sushi Restaurants 2239 N Clybourn Ave
Mangia Roma Restaurants 1623 N Halsted St # 1
Marge's Still Restaurants 1758 N Sedgwick St
Mayan Palace Mexican Cuisine Restaurants 2703 N Halsted St
Maza Restaurant Restaurants 1726 W Diversey Pkwy
Mc Donald's Restaurants 1737 W Fullerton Ave
Mc Donald's Restaurants 2300 N Childrens Plz
Mc Donald's Restaurants 2635 N Clark St
Mc Donald's Restaurants 2402 N Lincoln Ave
Mellos Carryout Restaurants 2100 N Clark St
Merlo' Restorante Restaurants 2638 N Lincoln Ave
Metropolis Rotisseria Restaurants 924 W Armitage Ave
Mickeys Snack Bar Restaurants 2450 N Clark St
Miss Asia Restaurants 434 W Diversey Pkwy
Mitchell's Original Restaurants 1953 N Clybourn Ave
Mon Ami Gabi Restaurants 2300 N Lincoln Park W
Morida Japanese Sushi Bar Restaurants 903 W Armitage Ave
Mr Submarine Restaurants 1525 W Fullerton Ave
Nans Restaurants 2360 N Lincoln Ave
Nesh Mediterranean Grill Restaurants 734 W Fullerton Ave
Noodles & Co Restaurants 2000 N Clybourn Ave
Noodles In The Pot Restaurants 2453 N Halsted St
Nookies Restaurants 1746 N Wells St
Nookies Too Restaurants 2114 N Halsted St
Nori Restaurants 954 W Diversey Pkwy
North & Clark Cafe Restaurants 1601 N Clark St
North Pond Restaurants 2610 N Cannon Dr
Northstar Eatery Restaurants 1765 N Stockton Dr
O-Tomat-O Pizzeria Restaurants 2436 N Lincoln Ave
Orange Julius Restaurants 2200 N Lincoln Ave
Orange On Fullerton Restaurants 2413 N Clark St
Original Pancake House Restaurants 2020 N Lincoln Park W # 2
P S Bangkok Restaurant Restaurants 2521 N Halsted St
Paddy Long's Restaurants 1028 W Diversey Pkwy
Panda Express Restaurants 1730 W Fullerton Ave
Panera Bread Restaurants 2070 N Clybourn Ave # B
Panera Bread Restaurants 616 W Diversey Pkwy
Papa D's Grill Restaurants 2273 N Lincoln Ave
Pars Cove Cafe Restaurants 435 W Diversey Pkwy # 1
Pasta Bowl Restaurants 2434 N Clark St
Pasta Palazzo Restaurants 1966 N Halsted St # 1
Penny's Noodle Shop Restaurants 950 W Diversey Pkwy
Perennial Restaurants 1800 N Lincoln Ave
Pita Pit Restaurants 2404 N Lincoln Ave
Ponzu Restaurants 2407 N Clark St
Ponzu Sushi Restaurants 2407 N Clark St
Popeye's Chicken & Biscuits Restaurants 1949 W Fullerton Ave
Potbelly Sandwich Works Restaurants 2264 N Lincoln Ave
Potbelly Sandwich Works Restaurants 1422 W Webster Ave
Potbelly Sandwich Works Restaurants 565 W Diversey Pkwy
Potbelly Sandwich Works Restaurants 959 W Diversey Pkwy
Purple Otter Restaurants 2706 N Ashland Ave
Qdoba Mexican Grill Restaurants 2427 N Lincoln Ave
Qdoba Mexican Grill Restaurants 957 W Diversey Pkwy
Qdoba Mexican Grill Restaurants 2191 N Clybourn Ave
R J Grunts Restaurants 2056 N Lincoln Park W
Raj Darbar Indian Restaurant Restaurants 2660 N Halsted St
Red Bambuu Restaurants 2542 N Clark St
Red Flame Restaurants 2417 N Clybourn Ave
Red Rooster Wine Bar & Cafe Restaurants 2100 N Halsted St
Restaurant Evaluators Restaurants 640 W Drummond Pl
Reza's Grill Restaurants 2423 N Clark St
Riccardo Trattoria Restaurants 2119 N Clark St
Ringo Japanese Restaurant Restaurants 2507 N Lincoln Ave
Robinson's 1 Ribs-Lincoln Park Restaurants 655 W Armitage Ave
Rocco Ranallis Restaurants 1925 N Lincoln Ave
Roly Poly Sandwiches Restaurants 2235 N Lincoln Ave
Rose Angelis Restaurants 1314 W Wrightwood Ave # 1
Rosebud Restaurants Restaurants 1419 W Diversey Pkwy
Sage Restaurant & Bar Restaurants 2465 N Clark St
Sai Cafe Restaurants 2010 N Sheffield Ave # 4
Sakura Teppanyaki Restaurants 730 W Diversey Pkwy
Sal's Deli Restaurants 1013 W Webster Ave # 2
Salt A & Pepper Diner Lincoln Restaurants 2575 N Lincoln Ave
Salvatore's Restaurant Restaurants 525 W Arlington Pl # 1
Sapori Trattoria Restaurants 2701 N Halsted St
Sark's In Park Restaurants 444 W Fullerton Pkwy
Sarpino's Pizzeria Restaurants 1149 W Diversey Pkwy
Satay Restaurant Restaurants 936 W Diversey Pkwy
Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eatng Restaurants 612 W Webster Ave
Second City Subs Restaurants 2146 N Halsted St # 1
Sedgwick's Grill Restaurants 1935 N Sedgwick St
Shine Restaurant Restaurants 750 W Webster Ave
Simply It Restaurants 2269 N Lincoln Ave
Spicy Pickle Restaurants 2230 N Lincoln Ave # 504
Spread Restaurants 2476 N Lincoln Ave
Sprout Restaurants 1417 W Fullerton Ave
Stanley's Restaurants 1970 N Lincoln Ave
State Restaurant & Cafe Restaurants 935 W Webster Ave
Subway Restaurants 352 W Armitage Ave
Subway Restaurants 1762 N Clybourn Ave
Subway Restaurants 2754 N Clybourn Ave # E
Subway Restaurants 1513 W Fullerton Ave
Subway Restaurants 2008 N Halsted St
Subway Restaurants 1917 W Fullerton Ave # A
Subway Restaurants 2412 N Lincoln Ave
Subway Restaurants 2421 N Clark St
Sultan's Market Restaurants 2521 N Clark St
Sushi Mon Restaurants 2441 N Clark St
Sushi O Sushi Restaurants 346 W Armitage Ave
Sushi Para D Restaurants 543 W Diversey Pkwy
Sushi Para Ii Restaurants 2256 N Clark St
Sweets & Savories Restaurants 1534 W Fullerton Ave
Taco & Burrito Express Restaurants 2540 N Halsted St
Taco & Burrito House Restaurants 1548 W Fullerton Ave # 1
Taco & Burrito Los 111 Panchos Restaurants 1155 W Diversey Pkwy
Taco & Burrito Palace Restaurants 2459 N Halsted St # 1
Taco Bell Restaurants 2575 N Clybourn Ave
Tacos Y Tequila Inc Restaurants 1969 N Halsted St
Tantrum Restaurants 2140 N Clybourn Ave
Tarantino's Restaurants 1112 W Armitage Ave
Tarascas International Restaurants 2585 N Clark St
Tavish Restaurants 1335 W Wrightwood Ave # 1
Tepatulco Restaurante Restaurants 2558 N Halsted St
Terragusto Lincoln Park Restaurants 340 W Armitage Ave
Thai Bowl Noodle Rice & Bubble Restaurants 2410 N Lincoln Ave
Thai Wild Ginger Restaurant Restaurants 2203 N Clybourn Ave
Tilli's Restaurants 1952 N Halsted St
Tin Tin Restaurants 2468 N Clark St
Toast Restaurants 746 W Webster Ave
Tom & Wendee's Italian Ice Restaurants 1136 W Armitage Ave
Toma Restaurants 2447 N Clark St
Torajiro Sushi Restaurants 432 W Diversey Pkwy
Toro Sushi Restaurants 2546 N Clark St
Trattoria Gianni Restaurants 1711 N Halsted St
Trotter's To Go Restaurants 1337 W Fullerton Ave
Twin Anchors Restaurant Restaurants 1655 N Sedgwick St
Twisted Lizard Restaurants 1964 N Sheffield Ave
Tzatziki Grill Restaurants 2485 N Clark St
Union Bar & Grill Restaurants 2354 N Clybourn Ave
Uptowner Cafe Restaurants 2233 N Lincoln Ave
Vaughan Hospitality Group Restaurants 1615 N Wells St # 1
Vinci Restaurant Restaurants 1732 N Halsted St # 1
Vosges Haut-Chocolat Restaurants 951 W Armitage Ave # 1
Wells On Wells Restaurants 1617 N Wells St # 1
Wendy's Restaurants 2312 N Ashland Ave
Wiener Circle Restaurants 2622 N Clark St
Yak-Zies Bar-Grill Restaurants 506 W Diversey Pkwy # A
Zapatista Restaurants 444 W Fullerton Pkwy # 2
Zella Restaurants 1983 N Clybourn Ave
Zig Zag Kitchen Restaurants 2436 N Lincoln Ave

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